Zoom was founded in 1998, much has happened since our fearless leaders set up shop together, creating a business built on long-term client relationships, top-notch creative solutions and a strong sense of culture. Headquartered in gorgeous Portland, Oregon, Zoom has steadily grown over the years, adding a robust design team, a web development department, digital marketing masters, account services experts and marketing wizards. As our capabilities have grown, we’ve remained focused on our core values: curiosity, integrity, and the very highest standards of quality.

We Love the Why

We believe that curiosity and the freedom to explore lead to true innovation. We approach every problem by asking you questions, and then we set out to explore all possible answers. We won’t let up until we arrive at the best answer for you—the one that gets you results. Through continual curiosity, a creative mind-set, flexibility and adaptability, Zoom Creates has grown the success of our clients’ businesses, and our own.

The Team

Zoom is an amalgamation of minds, personalities, talent and energy. Every day, we step through the door with our passion, humor and enthusiasm in tow. We come together to make creative solutions with a purpose because we love what we do. Everyone—the account and project managers, the designers, the developers, the marketing team, the finance team—works together. And each individual contributes to the overall success of your project.

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